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Swift Textiles . Created for Lifestyle

Swift Textiles is an indie design brand, owned by textile designers Michal Fierstein and Roni Yeheskel, both graduates of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, specializing in weaving and printing.

Swift's essence is to create fresh and cutting-edge textile design, using high-quality materials and multiple textile techniques, all to ensure you an original and unique piece to upgrade your living environment.

Our lifestyle products include throw pillows, tea towels, aprons, scarves and more.

The designer’s way of thinking and creating, relays on a clean and modern design, using light implications to the hand techniques from which their process begin. The handwork allows keeping the process full of passion and high sensitivity for details.

Swift’s designs are influenced mostly by natural shapes, contemporary art, and the designer’s living environment.

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Got a question? Be sure to ask us: swiftextiles@gmail.com

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